The company

Whats drives me and our team? Passion! It’s an art to be passionate about something but at the same time keep calm, calculating and controlled. Keeping this balance is my main responsibility as Managing Director of Holdean Manufacturing OÜ. 

After working over 6 years in the field of contract manufacturing (starting as a Customer Account Manager to understand basics of project/account management and ending up as Sales and Development Team Manager) it was time to take my passion, dedication and experience and build something from ground up. Yes, it has been challenging, but at the same time, it has been – fun! 

We always look forward and keep pushing, keep our current client base satisfied and new cooperations coming in. I can confirm that our team passion, under control of our mission and core values will get us there.

Klaus Kopelman | Managing Director

We have a mission:

Providing best possible delivery terms (price, quality, on-time delivery) to our Customers as a contract manufacturer for electromechanical solutions.

Our vision:

Efficient and high quality subcontracting manufacturing services in cooperation of bright minds, experienced team, and process automation.

Core values:

  • High quality –  At the end of the day what matters most to us and to our customers is quality of products we create. We value quality as much as our customers do. 
  • Customer obsessed service – The biggest reason behind our fast success is capability to adjust for customers needs and step that extra mile what competition is unwilling.
  • Leadership – Our aim is to create new leaders and attract best possible talent to our team. We believe that our team members personal development and success carries over to our work and therefore to our customers.
  • Increasing value – Our target is to do more than getting paid for. We believe that finding ways to increase value for our customers will pay back in long term.
  • Safety first – Our processes are designed following all safety protocols to keep our team und customers safe.
  • Environmental approach – Most of our work is done by hand without toxic fumes created by tools or machines. In terms of recycling we follow nation wide laws and regulations. All processes are in accordance with environmental management system ISO 14001.

Company structure

Our company is built for greatness and we believe the mindset of a winner is something You design from day one. Today our company structure works as shown on the scheme below, despite some position are held by same team members. This helps us to design and build our company in a proper way and this way we can be sure we find right pieces for every position along the way.