Electronics integration

As an extension to our partners engineering or manufacturing departments we can help with products including circuit boards or industrial controllers. We aren’t scared of more complex box assembly projects as well.

We offer services from arranging circuit boards (PCB) and industrial controllers (PLC) supply to ESD protocoled assembly and even software installations. 

We do feel confident about medium volume electro-mechanical assemblies, wiring harnesses, connectors, and metal fabrication. Our team has experience and knowledge for planning, testing and complete manufacturing for electronics integration projects. We can work on both subassembly or final assembly projects and provide electrical and functional testing.

For our customers it’s essential that we can lead and integrate cooperation from start to finish. That includes staging, warehousing and shipping to customer or to the next step of manufacturing. All processes and procedures are done under ISO standard quality requirements. To ensure transparency and traceability, all procedures and inventory are tracked. Our clients have access to keep track on manufacturing and delivery in every step of the process. 





Electrical assembly

One of our core services are different electrical assembly projects. Assembly of electrical switchboards, electrical panels and control panels. We also produce different switch blocks, electrical switchboards and industrial automation solutions.


Under term of electrical assembly we mean projects where electrical switchboards, backplate assemblies, electrical panels (power panels, control panels), power distribution and automation cabinet assemblies and DC switchboards assemblies production is needed.

Electrical assembly is a field of experience in many ways. That includes understanding of different brands and elements of components. For quality matter we prefer to use household brands (ABB, Siemens, General Electric, Weidmüller, Phoenix, Eaton, etc.) but have been also trying out some less known alternatives. 
We offer electrical assembly and development of different types of industrial automation and protection systems projects. We are capable to scale up to 50 operators per project to shorten delivery dates without loss in quality. With longer contracts we can scale up more that also will mean moving to bigger manufacturing units.

All our products are electrically and when needed, then functionally tested and have needed certificates.






Mechanical assembly

Besides electrical assembly we also do mechanical assembly projects on regular basis. Thanks to a good supplier base over the Baltic States for sheet-metal, machined and fabricated components, we are able to source details from different materials and surface treatments (galvanizing, wet and powder painting).





Hydraulic & pneumatic assembly

In Holdean Manufacturing  we have been providing hydraulic and pneumatic assembly services for a variety of industries and applications. Our core team has training and experience with working different hydraulic power and pneumatic equipment. If there are projects we don’t have previous experience, we are capable of adding field of expertise on project bases or arrange trainings to our team to have skills needed to fulfil client expectations.

Our team has been involved to projects where cylinders, pumps, hoses, valves and power units are needed. Thanks to a good supplier base we are able to source needed components from different manufacturers and suppliers.





Heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems

HVAC projects can be more complex to build and often needs combination of different services we offer. We accept project where we can offer value and our production volume is satisfying for all parties. Please contact and give us overview of specific projects for more information regarding of complex HVAC projects. 

As contract manufacturers complicated HVAC projects are not something we are specialised for, but give us inquiry with exact project and let’s work out best solution. This may mean offering contract manufacturing for certain parts of the project or whole solutions depending of the complexity and partner needs.





Cable harnesses

Different cable harness assemblies may be cornerstone service across contract manufacturing industry. This is often our foot-to-the-door service and starting point for building trust and long-term cooperation. We are able to provide cable harnesses for various industries.

We are not shy to admit that we feel confident across the cable-harness projects. Low frequency cables, power cables, data communication cables, ribbon cables, radio frequency cables.





Electro-mechanical assembly

Electromechanical assemblies manufacturing cover a variety of procurement, engineering and production operations, as well as numerous testing procedures. As more complex projects, let us know what kind of solutions you are expecting from us as contract manufacturers and most probably we can find common ground.

Due to the complexity of wiring and component integration, many of these assemblies must be put together by hand, which can lead to lengthy turnaround times. Such projects needs highly qualified technicians to cut production times. Our capability is to put together bigger teams of assembly specialists who have expertise in a wide range of production skills. Inquiries for such projects are more than welcome.





Design & Prototyping

In manufacturing,  importance of product design, prototyping and testing can’t be underestimated. It’s easy to miss or go over small details what will have major impact if volumes raises. Our clients usually have detailed prototypes developed, but pairs of fresh eyes to go every detail over can’t hurt.

Designing and prototyping from scratch or auditing already production ready designs, we can help despite the current situation. Truth is, detailed understanding of our client designs is first step of long lasting and successful cooperation even when our active impact is not needed.