Holdean Manufacturing

Contact manufacturer for electromechanical solutions


Flexible and client oriented | Experienced team | Strive to grow and excel


WHAT MAKES Holdean Manufacturer GREAT FIT?

Holdean manufacturing

Flexibility –  masterful supply chain and labor management powered with business software and other resources

Holdean manufacturing

Holdean Manufacturing having ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications in place, we ensure high quality of products while saving our living environment.

Holdean manufacturing

Deadline focused we know what matters for customers and have a team who will deliver on time

We have a mission:

Holdean Manufacturing OÜ mission is to provide our customers best possible delivery terms (price, quality, on-time delivery) as a contract manufacturer for electromechanical solutions. 

Our vision:

Efficient and high quality subcontracting manufacturing services in cooperation of bright minds, experienced team, and process automation.

Core values:

      • High quality
      • Customer obsessed service
      • Leadership
      • Increasing value
      • Safety first
      • Environmental approach